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Meet Jon Burnside

A Lifetime of Delivering Results

As a former police officer, entrepreneur and now as your elected representative, Jon brings a wealth of unique experience as well as the high energy, proactive approach and leadership skills needed to keep our everchanging City safe and liveable. Elected in 2014, Jon was the only candidate in the election to defeat an incumbent and became the only rookie appointed to Mayor Tory’s Executive Committee. 

Committed to the Community

Jon has made his life about service to the community. He grew up in Leaside and attended both Rolph Road and Leaside High Schools. Grateful for his carefree childhood, Jon is driven by his passion to help others; he believes everyone should live in a safe, healthy environment and enjoy the same opportunities he was so fortunate to experience.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Jon became a police officer in Toronto, serving the communities of Lawrence Park, Leaside, Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park for 10 years. Working in both Priority Response and Traffic, Jon developed a deep understanding of community safety and the most effective ways from both a traffic and crime perspective to make our City safer. 

When Jon left the Toronto Police Service to start his own food service -- which he successfully operated for 14 years until his election -- he maintained his motivation to make a real difference in the community.  

Community Leader to Elected Community Advocate

Jon’s desire to help those less fortunate and his experience in communities plagued by gun violence prompted him to engage in community building from the ground up. In 2008, Jon spearheaded a free hockey league for kids in Flemingdon and Thorncliffe Park.  Providing initial funds to get started, Jon then found sponsors and formed a partnership with Toronto Police Division 54 to establish the free hockey league -- equipment and all -- for more than 130 boys and girls ages eight to 12. Now in its 11th year, this early relationship-building initiative between the police and the community has been transformative and an example to the rest of the Police Service of the importance of building meaningful relationships with the communities they serve. The City’s resistance to provide assistance and to make ice time available was Jon’s defining moment; it was unacceptable to him that the City could not or would not help. He decided to run for Council and do better for the community.

Jon Delivers

There’s no other way to say it -- Jon loves his job.  He’s committed to the community in every way, every day.  He’s everywhere -- you’ll see him on his Friday “meet and greet” community bike rides, attending monthly resident group meetings, leading Town Halls in each community for annual updates or just spinning candy floss to help local schools raise money. 

You’ll also see Jon with his two dogs, Nik Nak and Moonshine.  That’s Jon’s other passion — rescuing dogs from across North America who are in imminent danger.                                  

Thank you for your support. We will be in touch in the days ahead with more details on how you can get involved in the campaign!